Trails closed until next riding season

Trails closed until next riding season The Innerkip trail is currently OPEN. As of Nov 29 it will be CLOSED. The Cathcart trail has been CLOSED since Nov 1 until next riding season. The trails will remain closed until next riding season, unless conditions are favourable to allow us to open during the winter months. If this opening happens, we will communicate to the members. Thank you all for a great year!!

Innerkip Santa Claus Parade - December 11th at 6pm

Innerkip Santa Claus Parade - December 11th at 6pm Decorate your quad with Holiday Spirit! We will meet at the Innerkip Ball Diamond (104 Blandford St, Innerkip) at 5pm where we can pre-stage before riding over to the market for the parade start. Helmets will be required. Kids are allowed to participate - but if they will be driving, please be sure they are on an appropriate sized machine for their age and able to handle it. In support of the Lions Club that is hosting the event, we are asking everyone to bring non-perishable food or unwrapped toy donation to donate to local charities.

Deer Hunt and Trail Closures

Deer Hunt and Trail Closures Please be aware of the following trail closures for Hunting Season Innerkip: Nov 1-7, 15-21, 29-Dec 5th Weather and trail conditions to be concidered for reopening between hunt weeks and season. Cathcart: Nov 1 until next riding season

Lisa & Nathan Rochelea

Lisa & Nathan Rocheleau Lisa & Nathan Rocheleau are the glue that holds our club together, with endless dedication, attention to detail and ability to organize and mobilize our volunteers. Thanks to their contributions, we have accomplished so much in the past 4 years. Lisa has held many rolls for multiple years for our club. She’s currently our VP and keeps me in line and on track of what I need to do. She’s a social media and events champion who always rises to the occasion.

Stay at home

Stay at home Please note that due to the current Stay-At-Home order, GLATV trails remain closed. We will keep you posted as soon as anything changes.

Welcome to Our Updated Website

We have updated our website. While we have fallen behind in the past, we will try our best to keep you informed again via this website. The Trail Status (Open / Closed) can now be found on the front opening page for easy viewing. GREEN means the trails are open, RED means the trails are closed. Please check our news and events sections for updates of what has happened, or is about to. If you have anything to share on the website, please send us an email.