Innerkip Trail Opening Date 2024

Grand Opening date for Innerkip Trails is…

Saturday May 11th

The main Innerkip Trail side will be OPEN! We know this is what you have all been waiting to hear. Thank you all for being patient and understanding over the last year with the trail closure. We have planned this opening date due to the rain that is in the forecast. If there is a change in forecast, we will communicate a sooner opening date!

The Twin Bridge trail side (trail across the road from the parking lot) will remain closed for an additional week due to how wet it is at the moment. Rest assured this will open, but it needs a little more TLC and time to rest!

The Main Side trail is looking great. We do advise you to being clippers or a saw with you in case you come across downed trees, or at least send us a message if come across one. With the recent weather, downed trees has been the battle.

The Executive and Directors would like to thank everyone again for your patience. The past couple of years have been tough with Cathcart closing and Innerkip site construction requiring us to close there too. Update on Cathcart - trail is not completely dead. We are still working in the background on strategies to get this trail reopened. For the time being it will remain closed.

We look forward to an exciting 2024 riding season!!

Phase 1 was to get you members back out riding the trail!

Phase 2 will be planning club rides! So stayed tuned for that!

Safe and Happy Riding in 2024!

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