Cathcart trail closed

Cathcart Trails remains closed

Back in November we were contacted by Brant County due to a complaint that was received related to the Cathcart Trail System. When By-Law enforcement investigated it was determined that the existing ATV trail system is on land under zoning categories “Agriculture”, “Environmental Protection” and “Wetland”. These zoning categories prohibit the use of ATV trails under By-law 61-16 Section 4.41 h.) a track or facility for the driving, racing, or testing of motorcycles, snowmobiles, or any other motorized vehicles.

The Executive team of Great Lakes ATV Club is taking the steps to achieve a Zoning By- Law amendment. This is a lengthy process that involves many organizations such as the Municipality of Brant County and Grand River Conservation Authority just to name a couple.

During this time the Cathcart Trails will have to remain CLOSED.

There is a significant financial obligation for this by-law amendment application as well, therefore it is imperative that our membership respect the process and refrain from accessing these trails. This will aid in a positive outcome for this application as we are expected to cease the use of this land for ATV riding purposes for the time being.

We know this this not what our membership would like to hear. It is an unfortunate situation that we must deal with. Therefore, it is always important for the riders of any trail system follow the rules and respect the neighbouring properties, people, and the laws.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the club by email

Cathcart trail closed

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